Open 311i Call Center

Open 311i Call CenterFor many residents and people on the go, the telephone is still the most convenient way to reach their government. But what number do I call? If you ask anyone, “If you saw a car accident and there was smoke coming from the vehicles, what number would you call?” Without fail, even school age children can answer correctly – 911. But most citizens, when asked “If you spot a street light out, who do you call?” will say they do not know. When telephone books still existed, the government pages were a confusing list of departments, and none were clearly named “Street Lights”. People were frustrated.

The Federal government has provided a solution by reserving the telephone number 311 for non-emergency public services. There is one reserved or your organization as well. Early adopters of 311 will say the call center quickly grew in popularity. Citizens expect to be able to easily reach their government, and receive prompt answers to their questions. Elected officials concerned about costly upfront investments will like the IntelliTime Open 311i Call Center virtual-hosted approach.

The IntelliTime Open 311i Call Center is a virtual Call Center, with operators able to participate from their desks in a variety of departments, and even volunteers from home with a computer and an Internet connection can participate as volunteer operators. The startup costs are small but the benefits are big.

Your government can use the IntelliTime 24 x 7 Dynamic Shift Scheduling module to schedule operators for their shifts, and they can then sign in to start taking calls. Customers call one number – 311 – and the next available operator answers from anywhere they happen to be when they logged on. Operators are trained on dozens of popular services and programs, and they can search the IntelliTime Open 311i Citizen Service Portal which contains a full text indexed knowledge base with up-to-date descriptions of services provided by each City department. Operators can open cases for services or tell citizens the information they need, email links to online applications, or provide details about City events and programs. The call is tied to the IntelliTime Open 311i CRM module, and the calls are logged with their name and address if they volunteer this information.

Later, if the caller calls back, that caller’s CRM profile is opened automatically for the operator based on Caller ID. Authorized users like elected officials or their staff can log into the Open 311i CRM and see everything this citizen or business has requested from their government, updated in real time.

As with all IntelliTime Open 311i modules, the work request is routed to the correct department and tracked from start to finish, including the time, equipment and materials costs of performing the service.