Open 311i Citizen Service Portal

Online Service Request Tracking for Performance-Focused Government

The IntelliTime Open 311i Customer Service Portal provides one-stop shopping for everything you do. Citizens can find all the services they need in a single spot, saving them the time needed to navigate a traditional Public Sector web site, where the pages and navigation are based on the organization’s many Departments, Divisions and Sections, following the organization chart. These sites often list services offered by each area with the appropriate contact information – if you can find it! If I need a dog license, can I find that under Police, or Community Services? Actually, it is under the Health Department! Who would have guessed? Not many people.

With the IntelliTime Open 311i Citizen Service Portal, citizens can find what they need and issue a service request without having to explore every nook and cranny of the website. Customers are used to the powerful search tools found on online shopping sites, and want to find what they need in seconds, not minutes. They receive email notifications of order status, shipping confirmations, guaranteed delivery dates, and someday will be able to see where the drone carrying their toaster is—all in real time! Can I have that toaster strudel for breakfast this morning? Yes, it will be here in 16 minutes. Citizens know this level of service is possible, are becoming accustomed to it, and are beginning to expect it from their government too. With IntelliTime, you can deliver this and more.

Open 311i Citizen Service Web Portal

The Open 311 Customer Service Portal puts everything in one easy to find place, complete with full text indexing Search features, including an online knowledge base written by your experts from each area. The comprehensive Customer Service Portal ties all of your online services together, including:

Open 311i Forms – Many government services need applications or forms to be completed before you can start. IntelliTime has teamed with SeamlessDocs for easy-to-publish online forms in minutes from your existing Adobe PDF, MS Word or scanned paper forms. Credit card payments can also be automated within the portal. Let people interact with their government online, instead of in line at the counter downtown. Completed forms are routed to the correct department in seconds via IntelliTime, and are tracked from start to finish, with real-time status tracking available to the applicant. Where is my dog license? With IntelliTime, they can tell with a single click.

Open 311i Maps – Request services or report issues with a few mouse clicks, with real-time confirmation of the report being logged. An easy-to-use User Interface allows citizens to enter an address or scroll to the location on a map for simple, intuitive and precise reporting.

Open 311i Maps Smart Phone – Use the Android or iPhone app for reporting issues to your government from your Smart Phone.

Open 311i FAQs – Answers to commonly asked questions, easily updated by your staff without web programming.

Open 311i Events – Tell the Public about upcoming programs and events, with further information available a click away. Post alerts about upcoming weather or community events, including the information the Public needs to know.

Open 311i Analytics – The entire IntelliTime Open 311i and Workforce Automation and scheduling solution is based on the powerful Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Business Intelligence Edition. All the activity reported, addressed, completed or in progress in tracked in real time with the Data Warehouse from IntelliTime that provides a rich reporting tool for managers, elected officials and citizens alike.

See how the team is doing on SLA performance for each work item. Track even work items that aren’t initiated from a citizen request, including elderly wellness checks, Fire Inspections, Swim Lessons taught, Utility payments processed, and of course the potholes, streetlights and other service requests that have been handled. How much was budgeted for weed abatement this year? How much have we spent to date? Show the citizens the full value they are receiving from their tax dollars and public officials.

With an extensive feature set including simple electronic forms, service request and issue reporting, and full analytics for real-time performance tracking, IntelliTime Open 311i is the only comprehensive solution providing fully connected citizen services.