Advanced Rules

Timekeeping Rules Configured for Your Organization

Since our inception, IntelliTime has been dedicated to meeting the time and attendance needs of Public Sector organizations. Complex timekeeping, scheduling and cost accounting rules are a standard part of every IntelliTime implementation, and unlike many competing systems, IntelliTime customers do not require a team of Java programmers to define and maintain rules in the system. Over our 22 years of working with government, IntelliTime has built a rules engine that includes powerful tools such as our “Timeframe Editor” where complex timeframes can be defined from within the user interface. Examples include Day, Week, Pay Period, Last 365 days, 24-28 day FLSA Section 7 timeframes, and even sub-day timeframes such as “0600-1800” for shift differentials.

By delivering an all-encompassing and highly flexible rules engine, IntelliTime can complete a much more comprehensive review of an organization’s timekeeping rules than many less flexible solutions, ensuring that your payroll is done sooner and with fewer exceptions or manual edits. Our rules are also tied to the eligible employee by over twelve independent criteria, meaning that organizations do not need to define complex “pay groups” for every individual permutation of Holiday, Leave, Overtime, Call Back or other rules in IntelliTime. Also, as the employees are promoted or transferred in the HR database, IntelliTime immediately responds by applying the rules covering each employee—without administrator effort—saving even more time and freeing up more resources that would have otherwise been used for timecard processing.

These examples are only a small sample of the features that IntelliTime includes with every installation. To learn more about how IntelliTime can be tailored to the needs of your organization, contact us for a demonstration!