Time Clocks

time-clocks-edited For organizations that require a more centralized point of entry for their timekeeping, IntelliTime supports a full line of time clocks with a variety of authentication methods and valuable features. With the swipe of a badge or a touch to a biometric sensor, users can punch in and out without the need for a computer. The punches update the employee’s timecard automatically in IntelliTime.

IntelliTime has developed powerful and easy-to-use time clock software that allows users a high degree of flexibility, even away from a computer. The time clocks allow users to view punches, request leave, sign timecards and more. Supervisors can enroll new users in seconds and train them in minutes, making IntelliTime time clocks a very flexible timekeeping option for seasonal staff or employees without computer skills.

Jobs can also be changed using the time clock. Employees can select the jobs they are qualified to work from the clock’s interface, providing an efficient way of accurately recording time when an employee’s pay rates depend on the job they are working. For example, a user may earn $11.35 while working as a Lifeguard, but change jobs from the clock to earn $13.75 when working as a Swim Instructor. With IntelliTime, changing Jobs from the time clock is quick and simple. Projects, Locations, Work Orders, Cost Centers and more can also be selected from a clock as the user punches in and out, eliminating the need to report a number of different activities separately.