Workforce Analytics

In-Depth Workforce Analytics Within A Few Clicks
With comprehensive scheduling, timekeeping and activity-based cost accounting data management capabilities held in a single database, the IntelliTime Workforce Automation solution features a uniquely rich data store. Competitive solutions often need to link a number of separate third party solutions to deliver such a comprehensive of a view of your workforce. With the extensive data warehouse options available from IntelliTime, powered by the Microsoft Business Intelligence version of SQL Server 2014, only IntelliTime can deliver on-demand insights and answer detailed questions about your workforce from a single data warehouse.

Timekeeping Analytics Tools

Overtime analysis with IntelliTime is supported by our six levels of overtime reason codes to track the drivers of overtime from the schedule. Did the overtime result from open positions, or covering for absences, FEMA emergencies or inclement weather? How did fiscal year 2015 compare to 2016, by reason code and department? With IntelliTime, powerful and actionable intelligence is available in seconds with a few clicks.

Many governments do not take enough credit for all they do day in and day out. Rather than a web site or dry budget summaries, why not display the detailed achievements of your workforce? With the unique IntelliTime activity management features, clients can easily post measurable results on your web site, like the number of swim classes taught, or the average response time to street light repairs, the number of Fire Inspections, and the yearly progress compared to the budget and SLA. All of this is available with the IntelliTime timekeeping solution, so no one can say they are asked to spend more time on filling out reports than providing service to your citizens.

Ask for a demonstration of the unique IntelliTime activity tracking tools available for every department in your organization!