Software as a Service

IntelliTime Software as a ServiceTimekeeping Software-as-a-Service
In addition to traditional on-premises installations with our perpetual software license, IntelliTime Systems Corporation offers on premises installations and support with Software-as-a-Service licensing. This option lowers the up-front costs of paying in full for a traditional perpetual license and the client provides the server infrastructure in their data center. It is similar to a rental arrangement, where each year the client rents the number of licenses they need at an easily budgeted amount. Customers that want their data in their data center, but prefer to pay for the software licenses as the software pays for itself, will find this option is best.

IntelliTime also provides economical licensing for time clocks and IVR telephone timekeeping modules, and we can even include the IVR telephone lines. Ask your sales representative today for a quotation.

The features and functionality of the IntelliTime software suite remain the same no matter what licensing program or hosting method meets your needs. IntelliTime provides more flexibility and full-featured capability than any Workforce Automation vendor today.