Advanced Hiring Rules

Adapt to Changing Staffing Metrics in Real Time

Defining an organization’s shifts and staffing them with the correct amount of qualified employees is a common challenge faced by Public Sector organizations, especially those with 24 x 7 operations such as Public Safety. Real world scheduling issues can add to the challenge, as employee leave, training, court appearances, special events, and other issues can all keep employees from working the shifts for which they are available and qualified. With the IntelliTime 24 x 7 Dynamic Shift Scheduling module and advanced hiring rules, the solution to scheduling problems is only a few clicks away.

Hiring employees to fill an unscheduled shift in IntelliTime is as simple as choosing an employee from one of our hiring lists, each of which can be configured to a high level of granularity depending on organizational hiring requirements, as well as the requirements of bargaining agreements. Unlimited complex hiring rules can be defined in the system to ensure that each shift is filled with qualified employees, and that hiring is conducted equitably.

A wide variety of factors such as employee skills, amount of hours already worked, and/or seniority can all be used to automatically determine whether employees are included or excluded in the hiring list for a shift, as well as the order in which they are hired. For example, if a Police patrol shift requires an officer with SWAT training, the hiring list for that shift can include only officers with SWAT training, and rank them according to seniority. Employee timecards are automatically updated when they are hired. The system can also include or exclude employees from hiring based on their status, such as excluding officers who have been placed on light or administrative duty.

With unlimited configurable hiring rules to fill vacancies quickly and fairly, the IntelliTime 24 x 7 Dynamic Shift Scheduling module becomes a powerful tool that not only displays who is scheduled to work, but can also help an organization quickly adjust to changing staffing levels.