Citizen Service

IntelliTime is leading the adoption of Open 311i Citizen Service software, developing tools to connect citizens to their government through the web. The innovative IntelliTime Service Delivery Architecture offers entry and real-time tracking of government service requests, robust mobile capabilities, and on-demand insights delivered with our powerful real-time reporting tools. With Citizen Service tools and a suite Public Sector Workforce Automation modules that interoperate with each other seamlessly, IntelliTime is the system of Everything you do.

The IntelliTime Citizen Service suite offers the following government service request features:

Open 311i CRM – Fully integrated citizen service request tracking and reporting

Open 311i Forms – Online government forms, automatically routed to the appropriate department and linked to each citizen’s Open 311i CRM profile

Open 311i Customer Service Portal – A “one-stop” shop for citizen service requests, questions, performance metrics and more

Open 311i Maps – Report and track issues in real time on an easy-to-use online map

Open 311i Mobile – Seamless issue reporting and tracking on mobile devices for citizens on the go

Open 311i Call Center – Fully-featured call center capabilities, integrated with Open 311i CRM and the rest of the IntelliTime suite