Open 311i CRM

Citizen Relationship Management is seen as a unifying tool to track service requests across multiple organizations. The IntelliTime Open 311i suite includes the open source CRM application from Splendid Software Corporation, hosted, supported and completely integrated into the IntelliTime Workforce Automation suite of products as well as the IntelliTime Open 311 Service Delivery Architecture.

Open 311i CRM provides one place to look for all services that a particular citizen or business has requested from your organization. To save time, the CRM database can be loaded with names and addresses from data sets such as property tax rolls and business license databases. Then as users click on Open 311i Maps to report a pothole, apply for an Alarm Permit using Open 311i Forms, or call the Open 311i Call Center, these interactions are all associated with their Open 311i CRM profile.

Open311i Citizen Relationship Management

The IntelliTime Open 311i CRM architecture has significant advantages over other generic CRM implementations. With Open 311i CRM, the CRM solution does not need complex workflows, hard to maintain routing rules or difficult to write reports. All of the tracking, routing, workflow, work queues and chain of custody tracking and reporting is built in to the IntelliTime Workforce Automation solution that is used by each of your employees every day. The Open 311i CRM tool is tightly integrated with the IntelliTime Workforce Automation suite, including integrated logins, so employees can log emails to citizens using the Outlook CRM integration. This ensures that the profiles are complete and anyone that speaks to the citizen in the future has the latest information.

The IntelliTime Open 311i CRM tool is the one place for executives and other managers to look for everything your customers have requested with real-time statuses.