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Data visualized on a map can often tell a story more clearly than just words. The Public Sector has embraced maps for spatial presentation of data. IntelliTime is offering a hosted map service as part of our Open 311i Service Delivery Architecture.

Open 311 was developed with the aid of a Federal Grant as part of Code for America, and is free of license fees. It was mentioned in the White House’s Open Government Partnership initiative that detailed plans to support programs that better connect citizens to their government using technology.

Open 311i from IntelliTime provides an easy-to-use portal where anyone can report issues by clicking on a map from their computer or smart phone. One advantage that comes with maps is the ease with which users can describe the location of an issue. This is often a challenge that citizens run into with other systems, especially if the address isn’t obvious, such as in rural areas, or at a park. Open 311i includes maps of North America and more, for free. Even your town is included! People can start by searching for an address or just look on the map. Then they can click on the approximate location of the issue, and select an online report to make from an easily expandable menu.

The map shows pins where issues have already been reported, potentially cutting down on duplicate reports. Users can enter their email or report anonymously, and if they provide an email address, they will receive a confirmation message with a unique issue number and a link to a webpage where they can see the real-time status of their issue. When the issue is resolved they also receive an automatic notification. That is responsive customer service, and it is completely automated.

Open 311i from IntelliTime is offered completely hosted, with full support. Early adopters of Open 311, such as the Cities of Baltimore, New York, San Francisco and others, have found that it provides an easy to-use tool for engaging with citizens and saves the cost of a human 311 telephone operator for many issues. As part of our powerful Service Delivery Architecture, reported issues are routed to the department that handles this issue, logged in the Open 311i CRM database and managed to resolution with complete tracking from end to end. Only IntelliTime offers this level of service. Our powerful analytics can tell your elected officials the time to respond to issues and even the costs of labor, equipment and materials for providing those services.
Open 311i Service Request Maps