Workforce Automation

With more than 20 years of experience working with Public Sector organizations, IntelliTime Systems Corporation understands that running a large and diverse government workforce can be a highly complex and time-consuming task for even the most seasoned staff. Our suite of Public Sector Workforce Automation tools was designed specifically for State, County, City and Municipal organizations who are subject to a range of State and Federal work rules, along with the rules of bargaining agreements, scheduling and grant reporting rules. With IntelliTime, complex timekeeping and scheduling problems can be easily automated to save time and resources, allowing government to focus less on processing payroll and more on serving constituents.

The selection of IntelliTime Public Sector Workforce Automation tools includes:

Web Timecards – Highly configurable, real-time online timekeeping with powerful, activity-based cost accounting

Mobile Crew Sheet – Labor, equipment and material tracking that integrates seamlessly with timekeeping

Advanced Rules – Flexible rules for timekeeping, scheduling, leave management and much more, driven by the powerful IntelliTime Rules Engine

Activity-Based Cost Accounting – Advanced data collection to track labor activity to projects, work orders, cost centers, etc. within one IntelliTime database

Time Clocks – Easy-to-use time collection terminals offering punching, leave requests, pay code selection and more that integrates seamlessly with our web-based timekeeping

Mobile Applications – Punch in and out and change job and pay codes from a smartphone, complete with location tracking

Workforce Notifications – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone timekeeping that offers more than simple punching

Reports – Comprehensive real-time tracking of all data in the system, with powerful ad-hoc reporting and analytics capabilities

Workforce Analytics – On-demand insights into your organization’s performance providing detailed answers to questions about your workforce