Activity-Based Cost Accounting

Activity-Based Cost Accounting
The IntelliTime product line supports even complex activity-based cost accounting policies to capture detailed activity information for your workforce. Our flexible design allows for multiple departments, divisions, teams, etc. to track labor activity to a variety of projects, work orders, cost centers, activities, tasks and more, all using a single instance of IntelliTime.

Users can select and track time to activity-based cost accounting from Web timecards, time clocks, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), the unique Mobile Crew Sheet using a tablet or notebook computer and SmartPunch our smartphone application.

Balanced Scorecard
The Balanced Scorecard is a methodology for communicating strategy throughout an organization. Initially developed by Harvard Professors Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, and adopted by over 95% of the Fortune 1,000, including IntelliTime, the Balanced Scorecard is seeing new interest in the Public Sector by elected officials with a desire to execute their strategy throughout their organization with accountable and measurable results. IntelliTime is extending our world class workforce automation application to support data collection for a detailed Balanced Scorecard implementation.

Using the IntelliTime advanced data collection tools to support your strategy management provides the ability to report on the responsiveness and detailed costs of responding to a citizen service request or work order. With IntelliTime we can report on the labor, equipment and materials used to respond to a service request, along with the time to resolve the issue. This has been one of the key management factors missing from many initiatives surrounding 311 and government service requests, when elected officials inquire as to the actual costs of providing these services. With IntelliTime, highly accurate, up-to-date cost information is at your fingertips.

Reinventing Local Government
IntelliTime Systems Corporation recognizes that our advanced data collection tools can greatly support initiatives to run government more like a business. More than just reporting on hours and leave for payroll, activity-based cost accounting can provide useful data on response times and costs for providing a “unit of government,” including responses to service requests of all kinds. Detailed activity data allows for management to perform analysis including benchmarking activities between individuals and teams to discover best practices for efficiency. By taking advantage of modern technology, including wireless networks and low cost mobile applications, it is more economical than ever to track the detailed drivers of costs of public sector services to achieve the highest level of efficiency possible. IntelliTime is leading the industry in this initiative and supporting activist elected officials where we find them.