Crew Sheet

Most Public Sector organizations have departments that manage infrastructure or deliver utilities to their customers. These departments have unique data collection difficulties when it comes to tracking labor, equipment and materials used by a mobile workforce working on hundreds of work orders, projects and activities in many locations. For many organizations this is a largely paper-based process, and it comes with all of the associated risks and challenges.

IntelliTime has leveraged the availability of new, low-cost tablet computers and a user-friendly interface to create the Mobile Crew Sheet. This application is seamlessly integrated into the IntelliTime solution and can be interfaced with one or more Service Request, Work Order Management or Asset Tracking applications. As your planners review assignments or work orders, they can be easily assigned to the appropriate crew in IntelliTime. Crew leaders can log the labor hours, equipment usage and materials consumed on each project throughout the day. As the day’s work on each project is completed, the foreman can approve the Crew Sheet and the data is saved in IntelliTime, which automatically updates each user’s timecard. Even complex activities, such as working multiple jobs with different pay rates or tracking pay premiums such as elevated pay premiums, are easily handled in IntelliTime.

IntelliTime Mobile Crew Sheet

Labor Hours and Cost Accounting Coding can be sent to the organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning system for payroll processing and activity-based cost accounting reporting, and labor, equipment and materials charges are also interfaced to the work order or asset tracking application to keep all of the applications in sync. IntelliTime is a Cityworks Partner.