Comprehensive Time & Attendance Reporting
At IntelliTime, we believe that the best types of reports contain the latest information and automatically deliver the analysis needed by management to guide the organization. With this in mind, every IntelliTime installation includes a suite of timekeeping, payroll, accrual and activity-based cost accounting reports for on-demand, real-time reporting and analysis. The system includes over 80 standard reports for analyzing time worked, leave, overtime, schedules, cost accounting and much more. With the inclusion of a variety of real-time analysis dashboards and a full Analytics module, valuable insights into your workforce are never more than a few clicks away.

A small sample of IntelliTime’s reporting capability includes:

  • Real-Time Analysis Dashboards
  • “Who Is In” Dashboard – Review and correct employee punches and exceptions, modify cost accounting data, and more
  • Document Review – Review and correct employee timesheets, leave requests, prior period adjustments and other documents
  • Dynamic Schedule – Our powerful Dynamic Scheduling module includes its own suite of reports for analyzing and adjusting employee shift assignments
  • Crew Work Assignment Dashboard – Included with our Mobile Crew Sheet module for the creation, review and assignment of work orders for Public Works employees.

IntelliTime Reporting Tools

Analytics Module
The included IntelliTime Analytics module is a powerful solution for ad-hoc reporting, with the ability to select from nearly any data field in the system to select and export any timekeeping-related transactions to Microsoft Excel, straight from the browser. Frequently-used search criteria can be saved as “Search Profiles” for use in the future.

Many IntelliTime reports are tabular in nature and can be previewed online as a PDF or exported as a CSV file. Comprehensive and well-documented database views are provided for ad-hoc reporting at the customer level using third party reporting tools such as Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

While the retention of such a wide range of data can degrade performance on other systems, the IntelliTime data archival feature adds new pay periods to the database while archiving older pay periods to preserve optimal system performance, even with a decade of stored timekeeping data. If reports or documents from months or years ago are needed, they can still be accessed in real time as the system automatically joins on the data archive for a balance of comprehensive historical reporting and maximum performance.

If you’re keen on reports, also see our Workforce Data Analytics feature description.