Web Timecards

Online Time and Attendance, Simplified

The IntelliTime Virtual Timecard Interface (VTI) is a powerful, intuitive timekeeping solution, designed from the ground up to meet the complex needs of Public Sector organizations. Our web-based application utilizes a document-oriented model, supported by an advanced rules engine that can be configured to suit the needs of your organization without the need for additional Java programming or customizations.

VTI also streamlines reporting and approvals with powerful, activity-based cost accounting, built-in electronic signatures and highly configurable approval workflows. Every user document is highly configurable, from the organizational level down to the level of the individual user.

Web-Based Employee Timecards

Every license of VTI includes a selection of powerful, flexible time documents, including:

Start/Stop Timecard – Designed for users that report their work hours with start and stop times, the Start/Stop timecard can be hand-keyed on a computer or automatically recorded from our Web Punch browser-based time clock, a physical Time Clock, our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Phone Server, or directly written from our 24 x 7 Dynamic Shift Scheduling Module.

Elapsed Timecard–The Elapsed Timecard is often used for managers and staff who are not required to report their start and stop times. It includes the same robust automated rules functionality, including overtime, leave, holidays and much more.

Leave Request – This popular form is integrated with the IntelliTime Accruals module, allowing employees to easily request multiples types of time off and instantly route the request to the correct staff for approval. Unlimited paid and unpaid leave types, from vacation to sick time and FMLA leave, can be configured in the system and made available only to the employees who qualify. Requests can be made by employees and approved by managers with a few clicks of a mouse. The Leave Request is also integrated with the Leave Calendar, the employee’s timecard, and the Roster included with the Dynamic Shift Scheduling module, and every document is updated automatically for seamless, real-time leave tracking.

Leave Donation Form – If your organization manages a Leave Donation Program, IntelliTime can manage this online. Every Leave Donation immediately updates the appropriate accruals of the users involved.

Prior Period Adjustment Form – This form is used for corrections to transactions made in the past. Users can report the effective date of the change, the old transaction and the new transaction. This updates the reporting, and the documents can be exported to your ERP solution to ensure that everything is tightly reconciled.

Shift Swap or Trade Form – Designed to support shift swaps and manage the paybacks, this form is also highly configurable. Rules support your policies to only allow employees to swap with other qualified staff, and to manage shift paybacks within a timeframe dictated in your organization’s policy.

Web Punch – This easy-to-use online time clock provides users with a quick, convenient way to punch in and out using their PC, tablet or smartphone browser. Each punch automatically updates the user’s timecard, as well as the manager’s Who Is In interactive dashboard.