Workforce Notifications

In a fast-moving environment, the ability to respond quickly to changing staffing conditions can make a significant difference in the performance of the organization. The IntelliTime Workforce Automation Solution includes many tools that save management time every day.

SMS – Our SMS notification module can send hundreds of text messages a second to alert your teams to new scheduling events with a call to action. Qualified staffs can log into the IntelliTime application and sign up for new events and indicate their response to the notifications.

Interactive Voice Response – Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Server is a powerful, cost-effective addition to help you connect to your workforce from any telephone, including mobile and smartphones. The IntelliTime IVR server integrates seamlessly with the system’s Timekeeping and Scheduling functions, providing a range of valuable functionality to mobile employees or employees who work away from a computer. Users can call in, punch in and out, request future leave, or call in sick and even change project and job codes as they punch over the telephone for powerful mobile payroll and cost accounting functionality.

The IVR server can save managers and schedulers hours of time spent fixing the schedule. If an opening occurs or additional staff are required, the IntelliTime IVR server can automatically call employees using a flexible, rules-driven algorithm to obtain qualified replacements. The system can also detect where it can move qualified, available employees to transfer them for an open shift and avoid the cost of overtime.

The entire IntelliTime application leverages email for hundreds of automated notifications to keep everyone informed in real time. If a user accepts extra duty they are emailed the details of the shift and their supervisor also receives a notice so they know where their team members are right at all times. If a user calls in Sick, they and their supervisor receive an email confirmation. When a user works extra duty, they can submit their IntelliTime Overtime Request to the supervisor who ran the detail, and get it approved with email notifications at each step of the workflow.

IntelliTime is designed for large, dynamic organizations, and we keep everyone informed and connected with a significant time savings as a result.