IntelliTime System’s Corporation’s unique focus on the Public Sector has taught us that Workforce Automation implementation for government differs from implementation for the private sector in a variety of important ways. Our extensive experience with State, County and Municipal organizations across the USA and Canada has taught us a series of valuable lessons, each of which we bring to every new assignment to share with our clients.

First, a Public Sector workforce is more diverse in the range of job functions than almost any private sector company. Under one organization there may be entire departments devoted to Public Safety, Healthcare, Public Works, Water and Power Utilities, Community Services, IT, Legal and Finance, each with elected officials directing organizational priorities. Second, staff can be full-time, career-oriented professionals, part-time employees, seasonal workers, or even volunteers. They may each have a different set of skills, they may work in an office or out of a vehicle, or in a plant or park with a variety of information technologies available – or they may not.

IntelliTime has the experience and proven implementation methodologies to organize this diverse set of challenges into a cohesive project plan, managing the positive change at every level of your team so none of your employees feel left out, or that the project is being forced on them. We have had great success with represented workforces and complex Union rules, ensuring that employees’ time and attendance are recorded according to the rules of their bargaining agreement or even multiple agreements. The Unions are happy to see that their staff spend less time on frustrating, labor-intensive paperwork, and that their members are paid correctly the first time. Our powerful scheduling capabilities allow us to fairly allocate available shifts to qualified full- and part-time employees, equalizing opportunities for extra work in a transparent, fair and open manner. Both your users and your supervisors will be happy with the new system—when is the last time that happened?

Read on to see how we consistently achieve success with our implementations.

Implementation Consulting – Our proven implementation methodology facilitates the success of every IntelliTime project

Project Management – Collaborative project management provided by seasoned IntelliTime staff

System Configuration and Testing – Detailed planning and comprehensive quality assurance to tailor your IntelliTime system to your organization’s unique needs

Change Management – IntelliTime’s methodology for easing your organization’s transition to a new process

Customer Support – Industry-leading and highly proactive support to help you extract the most value from your IntelliTime system

System Health Monitoring – Unique system health monitoring tools to help our support staff catch issues before they can affect your organization