Customer Support

As a privately-held company free of venture capital or hedge fund ownership, we are not under pressure to ship products that are not ready, or send staff into the field before they have the necessary experience. This grants us the freedom to place great emphasis on helping our customers extract the greatest possible value from their system. Customer Support is Job Number One at IntelliTime Systems Corporation, and take pride in the fact that no customer has ever ceased using IntelliTime in favor of a competing solution.

Many companies pay lip service to customer service, but at IntelliTime this is our prime directive. Our ability to compete and win against the giants in our industry comes from our innovative suite of Public Sector-focused solutions, coupled with industry-leading customer support. Excellence in customer support is comprised of superior response times to customer inquiries, whether through e-mail, the phone or our online customer support portal. We also only hire senior-level IT staff with a mission of service attitude to staff the support team. IntelliTime allows most customers to work with the same customer support representative during the initial years of their engagement with us, ensuring that the support our clients receive, just like their system, is tailored to their unique needs. As time goes on, the questions tend to get more generic and then the first available customer support rep can provide a timely and accurate resolution to incoming cases.

While we always welcome a call from one of our clients, many of our unique and automated tools help us to even avoid customer service calls in the first place. IntelliTime’s automated system health monitoring tools feature extensive configuration checks that run nightly, notifying our support team automatically with warnings of incomplete rules, or configurations that would display an error if run. In many cases we call the customer with alerts to conditions such as these.

When is the last time your vendor called you before you had an issue? With IntelliTime, avoiding customer service calls by being proactive is our goal. Remember – Payroll cannot be late!