System Configuration and Testing

IntelliTime Systems Corporation’s long track record of successful installations is a result of our thorough implementation methodology. The foundation of that process is the System Configuration and Testing phase, which ensures that each payroll or scheduling rule, interface, workflow and schedule are properly configured and consistent with the client’s Union rules and other payroll polices. Since IntelliTime Systems Corporation only works with Public Sector organizations, we promote discussions with clients on “Best Practices” from around North America to most efficiently collect and edit Timekeeping and Scheduling data.

The unique IntelliTime System Configuration and Test Plan is organized around our proven Public Sector implementation roadmap, making important functional areas practically impossible to overlook. A typical System Configuration and Test Plan can range from 150 to 350 pages, depending on the complexity of your organization, and includes a detailed description of all configurations unique to your project, including the screens that contain unique configurations, the text of any customized edit messages, any Timecards, Leave Requests, Prior Period Adjustments, Overtime Authorizations, Leave Donations or Crew Sheets, with the test use case and edit message showing the conditions that trigger the edit message, as well as the correction to the data that resolves the edit message. In this manner, we create not only custom documentation of all of the client’s rules, but we also conduct a comprehensive Quality Assurance test of the new configuration before the Administrator training. We have found that this method dramatically improves the acceptance of a new solution because users receive their training on a system that is fully configured and tested for their organization. This allows the all-important training time to be focused on learning to use the system, not documenting rules or changes that are required before implementation.

As part of your organization’s review of an IntelliTime Systems Corporation proposal, feel free to ask your sales consultant for a sample of a recent System Configuration and Test Plan from a past successful project similar in scope to yours.