System Health Monitoring

At IntelliTime we believe that a vendor can’t deliver the best customer service in the business if they spend their time reacting to issues that come in. Our industry-leading customer support comes from our ability to not only respond to issues quickly, but also anticipate problems using our suite of automated system health monitoring tools. Whether hosted on-site or in the Cloud, every IntelliTime system can be automatically monitored 24 x 7 x 365 to maintain optimal functionality and performance.

IntelliTime Automated System Health Monitoring

Our support dashboard application is a unique tool that allows IntelliTime support staff to obtain an in-depth look at a system’s status within seconds. It watches hundreds of system parameters around the clock, including performance, page errors—even errors that have not been reported by a user—and issues with configuration, such as rule misconfigurations or configurations that have not been completed. If the dashboard application detects an issue, notifications are sent to our support team in near-real time, allowing us to resolve issues before they actually affect a user’s operation of the system. In fact, our support team frequently reaches out to obtain permission to issue a fix for a page error long before the error is even reported by the customer.

Other timekeeping vendors are constantly playing catch-up with their support tickets, but at IntelliTime we can see them coming from a mile away. With our powerful system health monitoring dashboard, IntelliTime can provide fast, proactive support that helps greatly to avoid system interruptions and ensure that payroll is processed on time.